About Us

Shanghai Wu Wei Glass Co., Ltd is specialized in stained glass, colored decorative glass art and church art glass processing production, collect the design, R&D, processing, production of colored art glass and precision processing as a whole. With large production workshops and reasonable plant facilities, adopt the advanced technology on the traditional and modern glass production technology absorption and innovation, focus on the research of the coloring and light of the glass, reform the modern glass manufacture technology bravely, the company has make variety of specifications of the stained glass, and develop the artistic highly Tiffany lamps and handicrafts on the basis.


Our stained glass products combine the Chinese with the Western cultures, together the mid-century classical with the modern garden styles. Unique manufacturing processes create the colorful and lasting characteristics of the stained glass products. At present, the products have been widely using in city square, high-grade office buildings, private villas, clubs, hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars and home decoration and other places, popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries.

Wei Wu has a long experience in the production, passing style of classical and modern technology.  Inlaid the past and present culture to facture the sophisticated personalized products. Abide by customer-centric idea, Wei Wu committed to developing all kinds of high-grade stained art glass products.

Insisting on the “Tasting the Life leading the Fashion” design principle and “Faithful service with Co-win” management direction, Weiwu provides the high quality product and the perfect service for your decoration design with perfect effect, creates the first living space.